Junk Drawer Troubadour

The Master of Multitasking


Mickey Howard... A kid who juggles to the tune of his own harp!

Mickey Howard is a 17 year old entertainer from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho who started juggling when an awesome teacher encouraged him in kindergarten! Since then, he's continually added new instruments, tricks and props... every time he needs a challenge. He's been performing since the first grade when he joined the juggling performance team at his elementary school. During middle school, he was lucky to have the opportunity to continue juggling with three of his best friends in a group called FUZE. Now he is using all of that experience to wow crowds with a solo act called the Junk Drawer Troubadour. He chose this name because he loves street performing, playing his own backup music on the harmonica, and using a huge variety of props.  Other than juggling and playing the harmonica, Mickey enjoys reading, learning the guitar, and playing lacrosse for Lake City Highschool.